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Crawl Space Ventilation

Along with waterproofing a crawl space, you will need crawl space ventilation to keep airborn moisture (from damp environments) out of your crawl space. Damp crawl spaces is the leading cause of deterioration without actual running water- and we offer the perfect solution for homeowners in the tri-state area of Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana, & Western Kentucky.

A crawl space is a naturally wet environment. It has moist soil, moist insulation, and there are likely some dripping or leaking pipes found here, as well. This moisture, along with water that can get inside if the area isn't sealed off, can cause rust to form on ducts, and it can also cause serious problems for wooden materials. All of this can really add up to causing a lot of problems for the indoor air quality of your home when you have rotting wood, rust, and likely a few insects or rodents here or there going through their entire life cycle under your home from birth to death. However, you need to understand that you need the right kind of ventilation here; not just any system will do.

In the past, building codes had builders putting vents on each side of the house. Air would come in through one side, and then it would exit through the other. The entire idea behind this process was that it would be able to move the musty air out with it when it exited the home. However, this is not always the case, and this system had many flaws to it. Fortunately, there have been advancements over the years when it comes to properly ventilating a crawl space environment, and we can now provide you with the best and most effective system for your home's needs.

It is possible to actually have "too much" ventilation under your home, and you will know that this is the case if you notice the following:

  • Soggy insulating materials during spring and summer
  • Cold flooring on the first level of the home during the winter
  • Muddy or soggy dirt crawl space floor
  • Noticeable wood rot
  • Rust forming on metal materials

LivingWell Vented System

With the LivingWell vented crawl space system, you get only the vents that you need. This will help with air movement under your home, and it can work wonders for getting rid of musty odors that could eventually seep up and into your home. The vents can be installed quickly, and they will be put in calculated areas on the home to achieve the best air flow. Installation can be finished typically in a day or two, and we will be sure to clean up the job site when we are finished so that you don't have any mess to worry about.

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