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Bowed/Buckling Walls

When you have bowed/buckling walls you have very unstable structural problem that threatens the survival of your home. However, here at D&L Waterproofing we provide bowed wall repair services that will not only fix your basement walls but stabilize them for good. Don't let this problem intimidate you or your wallet, our services are both simple AND affordable. That being said, bowing basement walls are caused from too much hydrostatic pressure in the soil surrounding a home. As is the case with most soil in the tri-state area of Western Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and Southern Illinois, it is very rich in clay and other minerals that absorb a lot of water whenever it rains, or when there is melting snow on the lawn. When the soil absorbs this moisture, it swells up, and this will put an extreme amount of pressure on your basement walls. This pressure is what is known as hydrostatic pressure. Eventually, this is going to be too powerful of a force for your walls to handle, and they will start to lean into the home. It's also not uncommon for this pressure to cause wall cracks to form, as well. They can appear in various shapes, sizes, and depths.

You will know that you have a buckling wall problem in your home if you happen to notice the following warning signs:

  • One or more walls are leaning or tilting into the basement
  • Wall cracks appear next to the leaning wall
  • Exterior or interior wall cracks develop unexpectedly
  • Windows and doors don't open or close like the used to

SafeBasements™ Wall Anchors

We make use of SafeBasements™ wall anchors to fix leaning basement walls. The anchors are installed deep within the earth in stable, load-bearing strata. A wall plate is installed inside of the home on the damaged wall. The two are conencted to each other with a strong, metal rod. The rod can be tightened over time to add the necessary lateral pressure needed to combat soil pressures.

Wall Anchors

Below are some of the features of these wall anchors:

Bowed Wall Repair
  • 10-20 minute installation time for each anchor
  • No mess left in front or backyard
  • Minimal excavation required
  • "Ball and socket" hardware on the wall plate can be changed to adapt to any angle for torque to the wall anchor
  • Increased holding power when compared with traditional anchors
  • Driven into stable soil for the best holding power
  • Have undergone rigorous testing and have been proven to be one of the strongest and easiest to install anchors available on the market today

This makes the anchors a better choice over traditional anchors because they don't require a giant hole to be dug out for their installation, and they are also much easier to maintain when the soil around the home starts to naturally settle. Our professionals have experience installing these anchors on countless homes all over the area.

What Type of Foundation Problem Are You Experiencing?

Floor Cracks

Floor cracks can be a sign of a foundation issue from sinking/settlement underneath your home. This stress will cause your home to start splitting on one side (the side that's sinking farther than the other or at a faster rate) causing a crack at the stress point. A floor crack would be best treated with:

  • Foundation Piers

Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks are usually a sign of foundation settlement, as well, where shifting sides of your concrete base are put under stress. This is an indication of the building/home leaning in one direction and causing a crack to creep up along the base, and sometimes the walls. This is especially harsh to mason/brick built homes where the foundation crack splits along the wall much easier, and is considerably more so when a chimney is at your home. This stress will cause your home to start splitting on one side (the side that's sinking farther than the other or at a faster rate) causing a crack at the stress point. A foundation crack would be best treated with:

  • Foundation Piers

For foundation cracks within a basement area (basement wall cracks), we recommend:

    Wall Braces/Stabilizers

Wall Cracks

Wall cracks can be a side effect of many foundation problems. One issue is due to foundation settlement, one of the most common problems for homes with poorly designed/installed foundations or natural sinking from unstable soil. Wall cracks for sinking foundations would be best treated with:

  • Foundation Piers

Another issue is due to soil & water pressure pushing against your basement walls causing cracks to form. (This is also the beginning signs of a bowed wall). For wall cracks cause by soil/water pressure against the outside of your basement wall we recommend:

  • Wall Anchors
  • Exterior Waterproofing

The last issue is due to crumbling foundations due to age, poorly used concrete material, or poor foundation design unfit to handle the weight/load of your home. Crumbling foundation wall crack would be best handled with:

  • Wall Braces
  • Wall Anchors (If a bowed wall is present)
  • Foundation Piers (If the foundation base is deteriorating as well)

Sinking Home

Sinking homes are a sign of what we like to call 'foundation settlement' where your homes foundation sinks deeper into the ground that is too unstable to handle the weight of your home. Sometimes this is due to location where the soil is softer where the home was built. Sometimes this can be from shifting soil by too much water soaking into the ground with no place to drain. This also causes soft soil conditions. A sinking home would be best handled with:

  • Foundation Piers

FACT: No matter how bad your soil conditions are, foundation piers will stabilize by burrowing deep into the strata plate of the earth's crust giving you a solid base for your foundation. Sometimes yard drains are recommended by other companies, but these are prevention methods only. Once your foundation is sinking, you will need piers to repair.

Bowed Walls

Bowed walls are a serious condition caused by water and soil pressure pushing hard, causing a wall to bow and buckle inward. This issue multiplies in severity due to the weight of your home putting more pressure on the arc of the bow. Bowed walls are best handled with:

  • Wall Anchors
  • Wall Braces (Only for early stages of a wall crack/bow)

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